• Scarlett Tobin

Bring Home The Hat

It's that time of year! Pumpkin Spice is on every aisle from ice cream to cereal; Saturdays are filled with background noise of referee whistles; dads are yelling at their QB to throw the #@%* ball. Families are clad in their team's colors, even the fur babies. And Big 12 football in October means it's time for the war on the Red River.

I'm sure most football fans across the country are familiar withe the rivalry at the Cotton Bowl played by The University Of Oklahoma and the texas longhorns. Since 1929 the winner of the OU-TX game is awarded the Golden Hat, a golden replica of a 10-gallon cowboy hat. The Golden Hat Trophy is kept every year by the winning team's athletic department. Oklahoma has won the Golden Hat three of the past four years. Let's put on our Crimson & Cream as we rally for our boys to bring the hat back to the Land Of Lincoln (Riley).