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This is such a special time of life for parents and kids. Being a mom of high schoolers, I get joy out of watching them interact with each other and seeing other parent's friendships with their kids.

This is such a momentous time in their lives. They have the world in the palm of their hands and they sky is the limit. While they'll always be our babies, we see them say goodbye to childhood and watch them transition from a teenager into a young adult and I feel honored to be able to document it.



This package is perfect for a quick and easy senior session. Suggested for guys but girls are always welcome to utilize this package.  The session fee covers the session and editing time.  A veiwing session will take place at the studio 1-2 weeks later, one location choice and one to two outfits.  45-60 minutes

Session Fee $50

$150 Minimum @ Viewing Session



This package is great for any senior allowing plenty of time, outfit changes and location options.  The session fees covers the session and editing time.   A viewing session will take place at the studio 1-2 weeks later, two locations and 2-4 outfit changes.  60-90 minutes.

Session Fee $75

$150 Minimum @ Viewing Session


Headshots can take place in studio or outdoors.  Sessions are 20-30 minutes with one outfit change $55.  30-45 minutes with two outfit changes $75.

$150 minimum purchase


Being self employed, I realize the value of a great headshot. There is no better way to market your business than to connect with your clients.  Headshots reflect your personality and are part of the equation of attracting the right clients.

$150 Includes 30 minute session, up to two outfits.  5-10 edited images

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Price Varies Depending On Location & Duration of Shoot.  Please complete form for availability and to coordinate details.